Improve. Motivate. Purpose. Action. Change. Transform.

Welcome to IMPACT FITNESS that offers both Virtual and In Home Personal Training.  

I came up with the acronym I.M.P.A.C.T.  because I strive to have an IMPACT on each and every person I come into contact with! This includes clients of all ages- I work with kids for sports training and also to help kids be active if they do not partake in sports. I work with young adults of all ages; whether it's weight loss or strengthening (or more), I tailor the workouts to fit YOUR specific needs. I also work with Senior Citizens for balance, strength, flexibility, injury prevention, and more. There is always something for all ages when it comes to exercise!  

As a certified Personal Trainer, my goal is to make an IMPACT on your life by helping you: ​IMPROVE your fitness journey from where you are to where you want to be. I will help you achieve this by MOTIVATING you to keep moving forward with a PURPOSE for what you want to accomplish. We will do this together by creating an ACTION plan that involves CHANGING old habits and turning them into new and improved habits. With these steps, you will TRANSFORM your life into the best YOU that you can be!

Transforming your life through exercise can be done by either Virtual Training or In-Home Training. With Virtual Training I always say there are no excuses!! All you need is a smart device and you can train ANYWHERE (ex: vacation, work trip in a hotel, at home, or outside). With In-Home Training you do not have to go anywhere because I come to you! This means you get to workout in the luxury of your own home (and we can work with as little or as much equipment as possible- all we really need is YOU).

So why not start today?! Click the "book now" or "contact me" button below to get started!


Getting To Know Me

Personal Trainer: Gabby Miller


My name is Gabby Miller and I have been training as a Certified Trainer through A.C.E. since I graduated from Grace College in 2016 with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. I grew up in Indiana and played basketball all the way through college as starting point guard. I have always had a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals by tailoring to their specific wants and needs. It truly brings me so much joy to help make an IMPACT on each and every person I come into contact with! 

10 Fun Facts:

1. Jesus is my Lord and Savior and I train for the Glory of God

2. I am married to a Head Men's College Basketball Coach

3. My husband and I have three fur babies (that I am obsessed with): Millie, Echo, and Optimus 

4. I am the middle child in a family of five with my parents, older sister, and younger brother

5. I used to race stand up jet ski's (talk about adrenaline)

6. My favorite verse is 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

7. My favorite colors are blue and green

8. My favorite food is pizza (shh don't tell anyone)

9. I LOVE to smile and laugh (or as others say: giggle)

10. I own more shoes than I can count (but seriously)

* Pictures taken by Ashley Bryant Photography, IN. Click button below for more information


What I Do

Improve. Motivate. Purpose. Action. Change. Transform.

1 on 1 & Partner

Virtual Training 

Look Good, Feel Good - Anytime, Anywhere

1 on 1 & Partner

In-Home Training

Workout in the luxury of your own home

In-Home Group Training

Workout in the luxury of your own home with friends



Prices are subject to change
Gas Prices Below

Gas prices will be added on to any home sessions that are more than 10 miles away from me. I will not travel farther than 25 miles for an in-home session, but please keep in mind we can still train virtually! I hope you understand this cost is to cover wear/tear, drive time, as well as the current spike in gas prices. Please see costs below based on mileage.

If you live less than 10 miles away, there is no added cost.

If you live 10-15 miles away: $5 added

If you live 15-20 miles away: $7.50 added

If you live 20-25 miles away: $10 added 

Fitness Consultation

(New Client Only)

30 minutes- FREE

This is a free 30 minute session that will give us the opportunity to get to know each other and also gives me the opportunity to better understand your fitness goals! If this is your first time working with me, then please start by booking this session done via Face Time.

One on One Session- 

30 minutes- $40

45 minutes- $55

60 minutes- $70

Come join me for this one on one session via Face Time for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes!

Partner Training-


45 minutes- $80 ($40 each)
60 minutes- $100 ($50 each)

Grab a partner and come join me for this partner training session via Face Time for 45 minutes or 60 minutes!

One on One Session-


30 minutes- $50
45 minutes- $65
60 minutes- $80

I will come join you in your home for this one on one session for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes! (*exclusions apply- please contact me via email to book the appointment if you are eligible)

Partner Training Session- IN HOME

45 minutes- $100 ($50 each)
60 minutes- $120 ($60 each)

Grab a partner and I will come join you in your home for this partner training session for 45 minutes or 60 minutes! (*exclusions apply- please contact me via email to book the appointment if you are eligible)

Group Training Session-

IN HOME (3-5 people)

45 minutes:

3 people= $40 per person

4 people= $35 per person

5 people= $30 per person

60 minutes:

3 people= $45 per person

4 people= $40 per person

5 people= $35 per person

(must be groups of 3-5 people)

I will come join you AND your friends in your home for this 45 minute or 60 minute session! Please note more people= lower cost. Sessions must be paid by all participants BEFORE the group session starts. (*exclusions apply- please contact me via email to book the appointment if you are eligible)


October Complete Core Challenge

Welcome to the October Complete Core Challenge. This month we are going to focus on every aspect of the core- hence the "complete" core! This challenge includes movements performed from all angles including from your back, front, side, and standing. There won't be any part of your core that is left untouched once you complete this 31 day challenge! Download your copy of the PDF below and check out the short video clips of each movement day by day.

October Challenge screenshot.png

Previous Monthly Challenges

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 8.26.35 AM.png

April Pushup Challenge

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 8.51.36 PM.png

May Squat Challenge


June Plank Challenge #1


June Plank Challenge #2

Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 11.02.45 AM.png

July Full Body Challenge

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 1.31_edited.jpg

August Stretch Challenge

September Challenge screenshot.png

September Calf Challenge


Challenge Testimony from Joe S.

"My wife and I participated in and completed Gabby’s May Squat Challenge. Doing the different types of squats nearly every day really helped us to get ready for hiking at Yosemite this summer. Some of the steep trails and rock scrambling we encountered would have been a lot harder had we not done all of those squats!"


Client Testimonials

"Gabby is an amazing trainer!!! She works with you to personalize workouts that are aligned with your fitness goals. The depth of variety in her workouts are awesome. She keeps each workout dynamic, challenging you in different ways but also makes it fun!"

Adrienne S.

Gabby is awesome! My wife and I have chosen to work out with Gabby once a week for at least 2 years now. This includes pre and post covid routines. This is a testament to Gabby's ability to adapt and effectively train anyone! We have trained with Gabby in a fully stocked gym and at home with limited equipment. I can honestly say that we have never done the same 45 minute workout routine twice. Gabby is amazing! She is very well prepared and can tailor training to your specific goals, from cardiovascular improvement to strength training. Do not hesitate to start a program with Gabby! You won't be disappointed.

Kelvin S.

"My experience with Gabby's Virtual Training has been awesome. I get a great workout in just 30 minutes. Gabby always uses our time very effectively, and no two sessions are ever the same. Across two workouts per week, we get great coverage of my upper and lower body and core. Also, Gabby has been very attentive in steering clear of some neck issues I have."

Joe S.

"Gabby is exactly what you want in a trainer. She crafts workouts to fit your specific needs, mixes up exercises to keep your muscles engaged and keeps you consistently motivated with her positive "you can do it" attitude. When you train with Gabby, you have a partner who's guiding you through workouts and following up on your progress all from the convenience of your home. Call her immediately... she gets results!"

Michelle H.

I had my 5th surgery mid-July 2020, and was feeling pretty worn down of having to re-build my body's strength after each surgery. I decided to reach out to Gabby to boost my spirits and help with my physical and mental health. Gabby has provided me with the consistency and accountability that I need, especially when I was injured. Not only that, but she has helped me return to exercise in a safe manner that will help prevent future injuries and keep me from overdoing it. I am so appreciative of the kindness and joy Gabby has brought into my life during this difficult time, and I would highly suggest her as your next trainer!

Jenny M.

I instantly connected with Gabby when I first started working with her and found myself looking forward to our workouts. I was especially impressed by her attention to detail when it comes to form and injury prevention, which is so important. She is very focused on her clients experience overall and provides so much variety. Gabby is also a really positive person who just makes you want to stay motivated. She is worth the time, effort, and price- and so are you! I highly recommend Gabby Miller... you won't regret it either!

Lizzy G.

The new year (2021) marks one year since I've been training with Gabby and I could not be happier and prouder of my journey with her! My husband joined in on the party and we have been couple training for the last 6 months. The results have been tremendous for both of us overall. The results are not just physical, although we both have dropped weight in a very healthy and attainable way this year. Before training with Gabby, we were both used to the mundane routine at the gym, and we were quickly impressed with the amount of skills we picked up just working with her on a weekly basis. Our stamina has improved and Gabby always mixes her sessions up. To this day, I'm not sure if we have ever really repeated any certain exercises exactly. She challenges us and increases our difficulty level workout by workout in a fun way! Jon and I highly recommend Gabby as a trainer and just an overall wonderful person who will care about you and your health!

Rori and Jon S.



Find the Answers

What age groups do you train?

ALL AGES!! But seriously, I have worked with kids age 11 up to Senior Adults at age 91! I love working with all age groups and will tailor the workout to fit YOUR needs at any age!

Kids: can be sport's training or something just to keep them active!

Adults: weight loss, cardiovascular training, strength training, high intensity training, low impact training (pretty much anything except for yoga/pilates/boxing)!

Seniors: balance, strength training, maintaining muscle and cardiovascular, increase bone density, flexibility, injury prevention, and keep you moving! 

What is the Free Fitness Consultation?

If you are a new client, you will want to start off by signing up for the Free Fitness Consultation. I will call you via Face Time at the time you book and we will use the 30 minutes to go over your fitness goals and what you are looking to achieve. When you book a fitness consultation, there will be three quick forms you are required to fill out before training. I will use these forms to go over with you during the Fitness Consultation.

How does a Virtual Training Session work?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply choose the type of session you would like to participate in and book it. You will then receive a confirmation email of your session. Once it is time for your appointment, I will call you via Face Time and all you have to do is answer!

How does an In Home Training Session work?

Exclusions do apply! If you are not a referral: please contact me via email and we will set up a time to meet and talk so I get to know you before we train. I do not train single men at home, but will train a husband and wife couple separately if they prefer. You also must be within a certain distance of Gurnee, Illinois (email me for details). Please note that I will contact you to get your address and pictures of your workout space and equipment. Then all you have to do is wait at home for me to show up for your scheduled appointment time and we start training!

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

GREAT question! The good news is that I LOVE to train people by simply using their own body weight. So the most important piece of equipment is yourself! I also recommend having a range of dumbbells according to your strength. For example: 5 lbs, 8 lbs, 10lbs, 12 lbs, and 15 lbs. Don't worry if you don't have this many- we can ALWAYS adjust the amount of reps. I also recommend buying resistance bands (easy to find, lots of ways to use them, and cheap to buy on amazon).  Some other fun things we can use consist of: exercise sliders, stability balls, bosu balls, medicine balls, resistance bands with handles, jump ropes, battle rope, ankle weights, and kettle bells. Feel free to contact me below if you want me to send you any specifics!

How do I pay for my sessions?

At this time, I am only accepting payments via Zelle or Venmo and they must be received BEFORE the sessions begin (Please note I have a no refund policy). Zelle is already linked to some bank accounts (for example: Chase Bank) and can also be downloaded as a  FREE app. Venmo is also a FREE app that simply requires you to enter your routing and account number to link your bank account. You can pay in whatever way is most convenient for you as long as it is received before the session. For example: you can pay session by session-You can pay for all sessions for one week in advance-Or you can pay for a bulk amount of sessions up to months in advance. I keep a spreadsheet that keeps track of every payment made and for how many sessions. You can also list in the memo on both Zelle and Venmo what you are paying for to keep track that way as well. I will also send a “request” out every Sunday for the upcoming week via both Zelle and Venmo. This does NOT mean that you need to complete the request on Sundays; rather it serves as a reminder of your payment and also helps me keep track of payments per session.

How do I book using your online scheduler?

First you will want to click on the link to my online scheduler 


Once you are on the home screen of the link, you will see a list of appointment types. Please scroll down and locate the appointment type that you wish to participate in. Click the appointment type you are participating in and please make sure to set the correct time zone in which you reside first. Then proceed by choosing the date you wish to train. (*Please note: you must schedule, reschedule, or cancel 12 hours in advance to your appointment time)! Once you click on a date, it will give you a drop down menu of available appointment times for that day. Please continue by clicking the time you wish to train and select continue. (*Please Note: If you wish to book reoccurring, then please select reoccurring instead). If this is your first time on the link, you will have to create a log in. The next screen will prompt you for your first and last name, as well as a phone number and email. Once you are finished filling out this information, click "Complete Appointment" and you are good to go!

Can your scheduling page be saved as an APP on my smart device?

Great Question! Even though it is a web link, you can still "Add it to your Home Screen" to have the appearance of an App. 

iPhone Users: At the bottom of the screen you'll see an icon depicting an arrow that looks like it's trying to get away from a square. Tap that button and you'll have a few options listed below. The one you want to tap is "Add to Home Screen”. When you're done it'll show up on your homescreen and you'll never have to type in that URL ever again!

Android Users: Click and open the link. The looks of the Menu button will 

depend on your device; usually it's an app button that looks like three horizontal lines stacked on each other or the star outline icon to the right of the URL bar. An info box should appear asking you to name the bookmark and where you want it saved. Tap on the drop-down menu and then tap "Home Screen." You should now see your new bookmark on your home screen.

Will I receive confirmation when I book a session?

Yes you will! By clicking "Complete Appointment" during booking, you will receive confirmation by email of your session's “Date and Time.”

Will I receive any type of reminder for my appointments?

Yes! You will receive a reminder email 24 hours in advance to your appointment time.

Can I Cancel or Reschedule my appointment times?

Yes you can... however it must be 12 hours in advance! If it is less than 12 hours in advance, please get ahold of me and we will proceed from there.

How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

Please remember you can only cancel or reschedule an appointment 12 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. There are two ways you can go about canceling or rescheduling an appointment The first way is by logging into your account via the scheduling app (this requires an account registration). Once you log in, access your upcoming appointments in the green text box at the top of your screen and click the appointment that needs changed. Once you are on the appointment page, there will be two boxes below: one to reschedule and one to cancel. The second way is by locating your confirmation email in your mail box. Once you locate the appointment confirmation email, there will be two boxes: one to reschedule and one to cancel.

How can I access our upcoming appointments?

The only way you can access our upcoming appointments is either by locating your confirmation emails OR by registering for an account through the scheduling page. If you have already registered for an account, please make sure that you LOG IN every time in the top right corner of the scheduling page. Once you log in, all of your previous and upcoming appointments should appear in a green text box at the top of the scheduling page.

Do I need to Register for an Account on the Scheduling App?

You do not have to, but I strongly encourage you to! If you do not register for an account, then you will not have access through the scheduling link to view your previous and upcoming appointments. You will want to click “Register for an Account” AFTER you book your first appointment on the confirmation page of the app.

Can I add our appointment time to a Calendar on my device?

Yes! On the confirmation page during booking you will have access to sync your appointments to your iCal/Outlook or Google Calendars! You can also add your appointments to your iCal/Outlook or Google Calendars by accessing the confirmation email you received after you  booked your appointment. Just scroll down and click "Add to iCal/Outlook Calendar" or "Add to Google Calendar."

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

Please see below for more details and please continue to check back in for other discounts and promotions in the future.


Thanks for submitting!



50% OFF

For every friend that you refer who signs up for a paid session, you will receive 50% OFF your next session!

(up to three sessions total)

*exclusions apply-please email below for more details 




New Clients AND Existing Client Offers:

New Clients: Purchase ANY one session and get a $10 Personal Training Gift Card to be used for yourself or for a friend/family member!

(Limit: one gift card per customer from September through November)

Existing Clients: Purchase ANY one session as a gift for a friend or family member and receive a $10 Personal Training Gift Card for yourself or to add on to the gift for your friend/family member! 

(Limit: purchase up to three "Gift" sessions - could total up to $30 in a Personal Training Gift Card)